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The almost invisible alternative to braces- for adults and youngsters

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Treat your patients with Clear Aligners from K Line Europe (K Clear)

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The effective, aesthetic and modern straightening method for almost all ages. You get your Aligners designed through highest tech 3D technology

Clear Aligner are the most modern and almost invisible method for tooth correction- a perfect alternative to traditional braces

The doctor, who offers K Clear Aligner treatments, will take impressions for your teeth on your first visit. Based on these impressions , clincal photos and an X-ray images K Line Europe will create a treatment plan using 3D technology. This treatment plan is the basis for the production of your individual Aligner set.

The doctor can often provide you with an estimate of the duration and costs on the first visit. Otherwise the doctor will show you the 3D simulation which shows the movement of your teeth one week after your first visit and give you the exact costs. It is wise to directly set a new appointment after the first one. Only with the 3D Simulation you could get an idea of the final result of the treatment and thus by confirming the treatment, we start to provide you with your Clear Aligner sets K Clear.

You will receive your first set of Aligners within a few weeks after confiming the treatment plan at your doctor. The number of Aligners differs from one patient to another, as the need is calculated regarding your dental situation. The first Aligner is in the first 48 hours challenging as it is tranferring most of pressure on the teeth. K Clear Aligners must be worn at least 21 hours a day and only removed while eating. When visiting your doctor you will receive the next batch of Aligner to proceed with your treatment.

Through the 3D softwares we use and the expierence of your doctor we can predict the duraction of the treatment. Our K Clar Aligner have a certain design and technology that will help effectivly move your teeth and achieve the desired end result. Each Aligner exerts a certain pressure and thus moves your teeth in the desired postion!

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