Directly beautiful and white teeth

Cover your teeth with K Lamina, the removable veneer gives you the chance to directly get beautiful, white and aesthetic looking teeth without visiting your dentist.

K Lamina are so called removable instant veneers, which are not a dental but a cosmetic product. Your teeth are appearing with K Lamina instantly smooth, straight and white.

K Lamina has a natural look and is ideal for daily use.

Our cosmetic dental instant veneers can not replace the dental care and prevention.

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Especially suitable for people who have a lot of customer contact or are in the public domain, K Lamina offers a great opportunity to immediately get a beautiful and natural smile.The impressions for the fabrication of your K Lamina can be comfortable made at home, so a visit to the dentist is not necessary.

K Lamina is mainly used and ordered for:

  • Weddings
  • Film and photo shoots
  • Anxiety patients (people who are afraid of the dentist but want to enhance their smile appearance)
  • Alternative to whitening / bleaching
  • People who had tooth lost due to illness (cancer patients) or pregnancy
  • Customers with tooth gaps
  • Testing of veneers
  • Customers with tooth discoloration (white spots or yellow teeth)
  • Customers with missing teeth
  • Customers with small teeth

What is the difference between K Lamina Full & Light?

Manufactured from one of the finest german materials, the K Lamina removable veneers have a high flexibility, which makes the instant removable veneers resistant to fracturing or breaking. The material developed by K Line Europe is biocompatible and shows great comfort on wearing. The K Lamina Full is simply placed on the teeth and has sufficient support of its own. The K Lamina Light, on the other hand, is worn in the front (labial) teeth and has loops around the molars. This gives the K Lamina light a perfect fit that can be supported with conventional sticky cream (from your drugstore). Both products are not suitable for the consumption of food. In addition, we advise you to not smoke with your K Lamina, as the product may discolour.

K Lamina Light

  • Only covers or masks the outer surface of teeth (labially)
  • Very thin materialand therefore very comfortable to wear
  • Is held by the molars
  • Can be fixed with normal sticky cream
  • Not suitable for consumption
  • Ideal for teeth with slight spacing or slightly crooked teeth and if you want to change the color of your teeth.

K Lamina Full

  • K Lamina Full covers the teeth from inside and outside (labial and lingual)
  • Ideal for a wude variety of teeth problems
  • With K Lamina missing teeth can be cosmetically constructed
  • Takes ist retention from the natural teeth undercuts by clicking it on the teeth
  • Not suitable for consumption
  • Ideal for missing teeth and crowding

Advantages of K Lamina Full & Light to other products in the market:

  • K Lamina comes without invasive dental treatments.
  • No impairment in daily oral hygiene.
  • It is not a medical but a cometic product.
  • Dentist visits are not necessary for the order.
  • An instant change of your smile.
  • No impairment of the bite and temporomandibular joint.
  • No impairment when speaking (K Lamina Full: minimum)
  • Significantly less expensive compared to conventional dental veneers.
  • The desired smile can be shaped in the color and shape of the teeth.

K Lamina Designing

K Lamina Light consists of a very thin shell on the labial tooth surface, making it the first removable veneer in the world that is exclusivly placed on the front teeth. In January 2016, K Lamina of K Line Europe was patented as the first removable venner in the form of a splint for the labial teeth. It is very exciting for us to five people around the world a mile with our simple and effective product. We have already made many customers happy with K Lamina.

The product K Lamina can be ordered in different colors according to the customer’s request. OM1, A1, A2 and A3 are the available colors. Another addition is the “Smart Stain” option, in which the interdental partition is slightly darker in color. This gives K Lamina even a more natural look.

Correction request K Lamina

Experience has shown that customized products (individually made thooth splints) may require a correction or adaptation.

It might be possible that the K Lamina is not fitting immediately in some places. They might be too big or to small, too narrow or too wide.

Such phenomena are not always completely excluded with individual custom-made products.

A certain need of adjustment and reworking is normal in this respect and does not represent a defect of the removable veneers.

We therefore offer you the opportunity to try on each custom-made removable veneer first and within the first three months, if necessary, to make a maximum of two reworks and send them back to us stating your change request.

To do this, please us the correction request template that can be downloaded here.

The customer bears the shipping costs incurred. We point out that you always ship the goods safely in an air-cushioned envelore or package.

This also ensures a transport insurance at the supplier you sure. If necessary, we will coordinate the specific need for correction in a personal phone call and make the desired adjustements to your K Lamina.

We carry out two reworks, which are commissioned within three months after receipt of the splints. These are free of charge. You only pay the costs of the shipments towards K Line.

Decisive to the timely assignment of a rework is the receipt of your change request together with the affected K Lamina in our house.

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