The effective, aesthetic and modern straightening method for almost all ages. You get your Aligners designed through highest tech 3D technology.

Clear Aligners are the most modern and almost invisible method for tooth correction- a perfect alternative to traditional braces.

The doctor, who offers K Clear Aligner treatments, will take impressions for your teeth on your first visit. Based on these impressions , clincal photos and an X-ray images K Line Europe will create a treatment plan using 3D technology. This treatment plan is the basis for the production of your individual Aligner set.

The doctor can often provide you with an estimate of the duration and costs on the first visit. Otherwise the doctor will show you the 3D simulation which shows the movement of your teeth one week after your first visit and give you the exact costs. It is wise to directly set a new appointment after the first one. Only with the 3D Simulation you could get an idea of the final result of the treatment and thus by confirming the treatment, we start to provide you with your Clear Aligner sets K Clear.

You will receive your first set of Aligners within a few weeks after confirming the treatment plan at your doctor’s clinic. The number of Aligners differs from one patient to another, as the need is calculated on the basis of your dental situation. The first Aligner in the first 48 hours challenging as it is transferring most of pressure on the teeth. K Clear Aligners must be worn at least 21 hours a day and only removed while eating. When visiting your doctor you will receive the next batch of Clear Aligner to proceed with your treatment.

Through the 3D software we use and the experience of your doctor we can predict the duration of the treatment. Our K Clear Aligner have a certain design and technology that will help effectively to move your teeth and achieve the desired end result. Each Aligner exerts a certain pressure and thus moves your teeth in the desired position!

Why is K Clear the right choice for you?

Clear Aligners have revolutionized the braces and tooth correction. Metal braces are no longer necessary and thereby K Clear is just the right choice for you when you are open to the modern way of tooth correction, especially if you are an adult. K Clear is so effective because our planning is done through experts in this field that put so much effort in planning your treatment plan, on the other hand the investments we are undertaking, enable us to innovate and deliver to you exactly what you expect or even more. This is why K Line Europe is so successful today with its concepts,the product and the guaranteed expected results.

It is our passion to use modern technologies to constantly implement the developments in the field of modern dentistry. We do not sell a dream, we give you results.

What our patients say about K Line

Herbert, 64
"My teeth were perfect and straight after just 8 months."
Nassim, 30
Since elementary school I felt uncomfortable due to my crooked teeth. Then I discovered K Line and after 6 months my smile was perfect.
Anna, 26
"Tooth correction has never been so easy."

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Answer & questions

K Clear are modern and customized splints that correct tooth misalignment. Clear Aligner are the perfect alternative to traditional braces and help you to achieve wonderful straight teeth. With a set of Clear Aligners, which you change in a given time, you will get a step closer to your dream teeth.

Your K Clear Aligner treatment starts with a set of custom-made nearly invisible Aligners which you will receive from your doctor. Step by Step you will achieve your desired result of a perfect smile. The main advantage of K Clear is that you can remove the Aligner to eat and brush you teeth. The compromises in your daily life while wearing Clear Aligners are minimal.

Contact us with the help of the contact form. We will get back to you and give you the details of a doctor who is working with K Clear near to you. If you provide us with a picture of your teeth, we can already give you an estimate about the duration and whether the Aligner therapy is suitable for your case.

The Aligners are individually made for your teeth. After a short period you get used to the Aligner on your teeth and there are no restrictions on speaking.

You should clean your Aligner twice a day- preferably in the morning and evening. You can use a conventional toothpaste and toothbrush.

Switching from one Aligner to the next can cause a slight feeling of pressure. When your teeth are sensitive it might hurt a bit. However, this disappears after a short time and you hardly feel the pressure anymore.

You can get our Clear Aligner system directly from a certified dentist or orthodontist. If you need the contact details, please feel free to contact us and we’ll help you.

In general, the treatment is the fastest and most ideal when you wear your Aligners as often as possible. You should wear them all day and night. At least 21 hours to allow the teeth to reach the desired position. The Aligners can be removed for eating and brusing your teeth.