K Line has been built to change the way people think in dentistry, we think of ourselves as artists not business people. We always put in our minds that thinking different and being unique is one of the key points of our success. K Line has been and always will be delivering massive value to thousands and thousands of people.


K Line is implementing new ideas into the field of dentistry and showing dentistry the other side of the coin. Many new products are emerging lately at K Line Europe. With such a broad spectrum of services and positive signs from the market, K Line found itself in an optimal position for initiating growth. But in order to grow, K Line needed to streamline it’s business. The company required a system that could enable faster growth without compromising its high standards and without costly expansion of their technician staff and facilities. K Line has succeeded in implementing this model, to bring it’s clients best quality with a very competitive cost.

With plenty of experience of the company’s founders, we managed to combine the energy and passion of youth combined with the expertise we have to bring out the best blend of services.

In a market focusing on high tech, prices have been jumping much to some extend that would make it difficult to serve many patients, yet we focused on bringing highest tech in manufacturing and services with a very affordable price.

We realized that a very good distribution protocol was mandatory for our growth, so we decided to build a very concrete distribution business module by which we help to spread our services in same quality , consistency and maintain the prices all over the world.