What is K Lamina and K Smile Removable Veneers?

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Since the introduction of the K Lamina and K smile removable veneers in the market, it has taken the world of dental aesthetics to a new dawn, and helped thousands of people to get easily the beautiful smile they always wanted to have – in a few easy and fast steps. It has never been so easy to get a beautiful smile tailored to your wishes. At K Line Europe we’ve worked consistenly to develop these dental veneers and thus help a lot of people to achieve their dream smiles or sometimes even save their lives by totally transforming their smiles into Hollywood smiles.
The surprise is that you could even order the K Lamina or K Smile removable veneers from home without going to a specialist, thus saving hundreds or even sometimes thousands of euros. 

Have you thought about teeth whitening but you are afraid because it is not totally safe? Maybe you also thought about teeth veneers but they were very high priced? Thousands of people find that K Lamina or K Smile teeth veneers by K Line Europe are their perfect option for a glamourous white smile at a very affordable cost! Besides that, the removable veneers are tailored to you personally by using the revolutionary 3D printing technology. All veneers are produced in our K Line Europe Lab.
Find out below how K Lamina or K Smile could be an amazing solution for you and suit your daily life style!

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Targets and advantages of K Smile / K Lamina

Advantages to your smile
Teeth structure not modified nor changed
An immediate change of your smile
K Lamina has no change to your normal bite nor your Jaw joint TMJ
During wearing nearly most food is easily to eat
No affect by speach during wearing the K Lamina
Very affordable price specially when comparing to fixed veneers
Optimizing your smile and designing it upon your wish

We are happy to support Miss World Germany 2016 and make her smile look even more beautiful!

K Lamina / K Smile Material specifications and comparison

Manufactured from one of the finest german materials, the K Smile and K Lamina removable veneers are made from a abundatly flexible material, which makes the dental veneers resistant to fracturing or breaking. The material developed by K Line Europe is biocompatible and shows great comfort on wearing. The K Lamina attains its adhesivness through our special adhesive very easily and in a few seconds after wearing the K Lamina, while the K Smile attains its retention from natural undercuts in teeth.


  • Only covers or masks the outer surface of teeth  (labially)
  • You could use our adhesive creme to make it fixed on your outer teeth surface.
  • Resists damage 
  • Can be obtained in several different teeth shades or colors OM1, A1, A2 and A3 (explained in the Lab order form)
  • Ideal for teeth with slight spacing or slightly crooked teeth and if you want to change the color of your teeth.


  • Covers teeth from inside and outside (Labial and lingual)
  • Takes its retention from the natural teeth undercuts, high retention.
  • High resistance to breakage
  • Needs slight adaptation to speech within first wearing hour.
  • Available in teeth colors or shade OM1 , A1, A2 and A3 (explained further in the lab order form)
  • Ideal for a wide variety of teeth problems.
  • Could be supplied with occlusal holes to aid eating on it.

K Lamina Smile Designing

K Lamina is made from a very thin layer covering the outer surface of teeth, holding all veneers in only one piece or one veneer. Even with the adhesive used the K Lamina could be easily removed from the teeth and re applied again. The adhesive could be used once or twice per day. Just put in a drop  of the adhesive on 4-6 teeth from the inner surface of the K Lamina and push it slightly on your teeth for a few seconds, and voila it is fixed on your teeth firmly.

The product K Lamina removable veneers could be supplied in different thicknesses and different shades, these are explained further in the lab order form you fill out when sneding us your teeth impressions as described in the context further below.

For us to manufacture your K Lamina dental veneers we need the following:
1.  Impressions for teeth ( Upper and Lower )
2. Photo from front and profile to show us your smile from front view and the profile.
3. Fill out the Lab order form and send it with the impression kit back to us.

After making your online order on the K Line Europe website, you get automatically from us the impression kit as explained in the video further below.

Our impression-kit includes : Impression trays,  impression material, instructions manual, and hand gloves.

K Lamina & K Smile Testimonials

This student shared her experience of testing the K Lamina removable veneers on German TV channel RTL.

A live demonstration of how the K Lamina removable veneers look in reality.

Miss World Germany also uses K Smile to perfectionate her Hollywood smile.


News & Events

New K Clear before-after high quality models

banner new models

K Line Europe now offers a new type of high quality before-after models, produced by advanced printing technology.

The models are available upon request.

Meet K Line Europe at the Scandinavian Dental Fair!


From 27th – 28th April 2017 K Line Europe will be among the exhibitors of the 50th Scandinavian Dental Fair in Copenhagen.

Meet us at our booth in C2 – 029C .

IDS 2017

IDS banner NEU

We thank all the visitors of our booth at the International Dental Show this year.

Not only the K Line Clear Aligners lecture was a highlight of this exciting week.

We were also glad that our international distributors’ meet up was a great success and we hope to

see you again at the IDS next year!

New: 4D Ortho

4d aigner ortho news

4D is a promising, new technology to fabricate Clear Aligners.

K Line Europe is among the pioneers in this domain.

Learn more about the new technology here: http://kline-europe.de/4dortho/

Great week for K Line at the biggest dental conference in the MENASA region!


Not only did K Line have the most unique booth design at the AEEDC Dubai conference which took place in Dubai from 07.-09. February.

In this very successful week K Line Europe enlarged its international network and gained many new contacts.

We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with our new partners in the future!

First K Clear certification course held in Malta!

K Clear course

The first K Clear Aligner certification course for the beautiful island Malta was held by Dr. Sherif Kandil on 27.01.2017.

The participants were informed about the latest developments in the field of Clear Aligner treatment.

AEEDC 2017 in Dubai


K Line Europe will participate in the AEEDC 2017. We are looking forward to meet you there!

IDS International Dental Show - March 2017 in Cologne


Visit us at the IDS from 21st – 25th March 2017 in Cologne, Germany.

The International Dental Show is the world’s leading trade fair in the dental industry.

Therefore don’t miss this important event!

DGAO 2016 - Success for K Line Europe


The DGAO Orthodontics Congress which took place from 18th – 19th November in Cologne was a big success for K Line Europe.

The K Line booth attracted many visitors and also the lecture given by Dr. Sherif Kandil on Clear Aligners attracted more than 500 participants.