What are K Line Clear Aligners?

K Clear Aligners are removable orthodontic dental appliances that can be used in many cases that need teeth straightening, space closure, mild Class II or III cases and etc..

Teeth straightening has never been that easy:

A. Deliver aligners in phases as instructed by our professionals to your patient.
B. Teeth move according to previously planned tooth movement by our specialists on 3D designing software
C. After nearly each 2 weeks, the aligner is changed to the following one in the correct sequence.
After the patient feels satisfied with the results once the treatment is finished, the retention phase follows.
We provide aesthetic lingual permanent retainers upon request or as standard a removable retainer.

Why choose K Line?

There could be several providers for removable orthodontic appliances, we try our best to make our product distinguished through the following :

1. High tech used in many aspects of manufacturing and services supplied to you and your patient.
2. Flexible services upon need.
3. High quality materials used to manufacture the clear aligners.
4. Our treatment plans are based upon profound science through professionals over 8 years in the clear aligner busienss.
5. Very competitive prices.

K Line Clear Aligners advantages for the dentist

It is very delightful for us to always be there for you when you need us. We are partners in your business we work with you with extreme passion and dedication. K Line will always provide you so many advantages.

Through illustrative videos, photos and diagrams, we try to covey how easy it could be to consult your patients through clear aligners treatment, and how invisible orthodontics is very asked for nowadays, the video also shows what the dentist shouldn’t forget doing when consulting patients and what data to gather. Our customer service will be always there to help you with any questions or inquiries  info@kline-europe.de

Videos showing different case types

anterior space regaining

crowding with premolar distalization


Crowding-1 treatment

Crowding – 2  treatment

Extraction case ( only for professionals )


Posterior space regaining

A variety of cases could be addressed with K Line clear aligners, good education and learning how our K Line aligners function and which cases could be indicated will widen your capability to alwas treat more difficult case. From simple, mild and moderate to even severe cases could be treated, yet we recommend first time users to start with simple or mild cases and then go on with more difficult cases.

Before and After Photos of real Cases

Slide the vertical bar right and left to see results

More about science…

Evidence-Based Dentistry

The idea of clear aligners raised from the removable retainers which stabilize the teeth in the post-treatment position. The removable retainers are very successful option to stop the relapse phase that follows orthodontic treatment.

With more research and knowledge focusing on clear aligners‘ fabrication and material, the treatment outcome could be significantly improved, the treatment period could be shortened and post-treatment results could be conserved using the retainers. Several modifications have been added to the materials and designs of clear aligners to make them functioning appliances: perform the action of space closure, vertical alignment, arch expansion and distalization.

Clear aligners have been targeted with extensive clinical research work and have been indicated for cases of mild-to-moderate crowding and spacing, relapse after initial braces treatment and constricted arches (non-skeletal).

Case Selection

Many practicioners could easily use clear aligners and treat their patients with, yet case selection is gold standard for the success of clear aligners treatment.
Pre-treatment radiographs as well as study casts are key elements for proper case selection. Digital impressions and imaging determine how teeth movement can be controlled and how final alignment would be achieved.
Human factor is also important in treatment planning, as specialized dentist or orthodontist at K Line may suggest different movement to produce better alignment. Minimal stripping of proximal teeth surfaces maybe an important step to provide some space to enhance teeth movement.
 Case selection is as important as to keep the dentist’s reputation. A dentist should not promise a patient an ultimate treatment outcome unless the patient is generally cooperative and helpful.

Want to get certified by K Line Europe?

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Proposed study or protocol reference


Our Permanent aesthetic retainer

News & Events

New K Clear before-after high quality models

banner new models

K Line Europe now offers a new type of high quality before-after models, produced by advanced printing technology.

The models are available upon request.

Meet K Line Europe at the Scandinavian Dental Fair!


From 27th – 28th April 2017 K Line Europe will be among the exhibitors of the 50th Scandinavian Dental Fair in Copenhagen.

Meet us at our booth in C2 – 029C .

IDS 2017

IDS banner NEU

We thank all the visitors of our booth at the International Dental Show this year.

Not only the K Line Clear Aligners lecture was a highlight of this exciting week.

We were also glad that our international distributors’ meet up was a great success and we hope to

see you again at the IDS next year!

New: 4D Ortho

4d aigner ortho news

4D is a promising, new technology to fabricate Clear Aligners. K Line Europe is among the pioneers in this domain.

Learn more about the new technology here: http://kline-europe.de/4dortho/

Great week for K Line at the biggest dental conference in the MENASA region!


Not only did K Line have the most unique booth design at the AEEDC Dubai conference which took place in Dubai from 07.-09. February.

In this very successful week K Line Europe enlarged its international network and gained many new contacts.

We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with our new partners in the future!

First K Clear certification course held in Malta!

K Clear course

The first K Clear Aligner certification course for the beautiful island Malta was held by Dr. Sherif Kandil on 27.01.2017.

The participants were informed about the latest developments in the field of Clear Aligner treatment.

AEEDC 2017 in Dubai


K Line Europe will participate in the AEEDC 2017. We are looking forward to meet you there!

IDS International Dental Show - March 2017 in Cologne


Visit us at the IDS from 21st – 25th March 2017 in Cologne, Germany.

The International Dental Show is the world’s leading trade fair in the dental industry.

Therefore don’t miss this important event!

DGAO 2016 - Success for K Line Europe


The DGAO Orthodontics Congress which took place from 18th – 19th November in Cologne was a big success for K Line Europe.

The K Line booth attracted many visitors and also the lecture given by Dr. Sherif Kandil on Clear Aligners attracted more than 500 participants.