Nearly invisible teeth treatment with clear aligners – We design your perfect smile


Speedy service and very good scientific based work

Dr. Alexander Ilbag, Salierpraxis, Düsseldorf

I am treating my patients with Aligners since more than 14 years now. K Line is probably the best scientific based Company which comes with a very affordable price.

Dr. Pouran Vali-Pursche, Kieferorthopädie Meerbusch

Located in the WDR Arcaden in the center of the city of Cologne we have a lot of clients from the media. The always stable consistency of results is what we love mostly about K Line. Our patients can be sure that they are getting the best treatment option that is possible.

Dr. Nora Heuser & Dr. Mathias P. Sommer, Praxis WDR Arkaden, Cologne

What we like most about K Line is the dental support and the service. The exchange of the information is very good. The results are always as expected.

Julia Grote, Praxis Zahnärzte am Uhlenhorst, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany

How does it work?

Teeth straightening has never been that easy:

  1. Snap the aligner over your teeth.
  2. Teeth move according to previously planned tooth movement by our specialists on 3D designing softwares.
  3. After nearly each week, the aligner is changed to the following one in the correct sequence.

Voila! You get the straight teeth you’ve always wanted!

German Televison Channel RTL is showing a treatment from K Line Europe.

Klick on “play” to watch the video.


My teeth were perfect and straight after 8 months

Harald, 66

Since elementary school I felt uncomfortable with my teeth – then I discovered K Line and after only 6 months they were perfect!

Nassim, 30

Teeth straightening has never been that easy.

Anna, 26


Before and After Photos of real Cases

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What is K Line?

K Line Clear Aligners are the most modern and precisely designed clear splints that move teeth gradually. K Line aligners are the perfect substitute for braces in most cases that require teeth straightening.

Which advantages offers K Line?

Your K Line treatment will be started with a set of nearly invisible and removable aligners. They are very comfortable and besides of the perfect result, the biggest advantage is that you can take the aligner out while you’re eating or brushing your teeth.

What is the first step?

Write us a message with our contactform and you will recieve the address from a K Line-User near you.

Can I speak normally with it?

The aligners are individually fitted to your teeth. After a short period of time there will not be any disturbance while talking anymore.

How should I clean my aligner?

You should clean your aligners twice a day, in the morning and in the evening with a bit of toothpaste and your regular toothbrush.

Does the treatment hurt?

When you change from one aligner to the next it could be possible that there is a light feeling of pressure for a few minutes, but it will disappear after a short period of time.

Where can I get K Line?

You can get our teeth-straightening-system just from certified orthodontists and dentists. If you would like to know if there is a K Line User in your city send us a message and you will recieve an address from the next K Line User.

For how long do I have to wear it?

Generally you can say, the oftener you wear it the faster the treatment will be finished. For the best possible result you should wear it  whole day and night. Take it out just if you eat or brush your teeth.

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News & Events

News 1

K Lamina hits a records sales at K Line Europe GmbH with a sales share of 40% compared to our other products and almost 20% worldwide.

News 2

January 2016

K Line Europe GmbH introduces for the first time worldwide a removable veneer that covers only the outer surface. ( i.e. Labially ) ; the patented product was registered in the European patent office. The new innovation changed alot in dentistry and added big value to cosmetic dentistry in particular.

News 3

Feb. 2016

First official launch for K Lamina was executed in Dubai AEDEEC convention, eyes worldwide have been fascinated by the novality and practicality of such an invention in the field of cosmetic dentistry.